Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Super Dooper Super Target

Ok, so who thinks this new Super Target is going to be totally awesome, I know i do. I'm not sure if all those loop-d-loops are for the Target or the new Hotel thats being built, but that definately is not a necessity. Some people I know feel a little different towards the new Target being built in a way that they think money should be spent on different/more worthwile things. Personally, I've never been in a Super Target, but I think this is gonna live up to many people's expectations. From what I've heard, the store will have a wide variety of products that wouldn't be found in a normal Target, I guess that could kind of be a given. For all the unemployed out there, this might be a future occupation of many also. So if you are excited about the new Target, go check it out when it opens