Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Super Dooper Super Target

Ok, so who thinks this new Super Target is going to be totally awesome, I know i do. I'm not sure if all those loop-d-loops are for the Target or the new Hotel thats being built, but that definately is not a necessity. Some people I know feel a little different towards the new Target being built in a way that they think money should be spent on different/more worthwile things. Personally, I've never been in a Super Target, but I think this is gonna live up to many people's expectations. From what I've heard, the store will have a wide variety of products that wouldn't be found in a normal Target, I guess that could kind of be a given. For all the unemployed out there, this might be a future occupation of many also. So if you are excited about the new Target, go check it out when it opens


Mr. Hatten said...

Max: Nice job on the blog. The first post is what I was looking for ... you were correct initially to think I just wanted Edina HS or Edina community related stuff. Your profile looks fantastic. Nice work on the blog and have fun with it.

Grace said...

Nice blog maximus, I'm excited for the new Super Target too.

Joey S said...

Max, I enjoy your story about Target. Hopefully it will be better than the one in SLP. Good job with your profile. I enjoy T-rex also?