Sunday, November 11, 2007

Zephyrus Opinion

In Edina High School, more and more talk about peoples' opinions are being heard about the school newspaper; Zephyrus. Sometimes the articles in the paper can hardly even be called news. While Edina High School offers a class especially for journalism, it would make sense for the writers of the paper to enhance their learning by taking the class. However, only a few students part of the paper are even taking the class.
So far in journalism class, we've learned quite a bit of what should and shouldn't be in a story. One thing that should especially be in a paper is an area for cited sources. Whenever you use something that isn't yours, such as a picture, quote etc, you must cite that source to give the person credit.
In Zephrus, a work cited was not included in any area of the paper. Most people would probably agree that a school newspaper should have the right criteria to show other students how a paper should be written. Some students might read the newspaper and not see a work cited and later on not realize that they are necessary, therefore not properly writing the story.
The story about illegal downloading says a survey was done on a number of students and if they have downloaded illegal music at any point of their lives. Mistake, a survey done by students at a school is not a reliable source by any means. Although some students might be telling the truth, a number of the students could simply have been lying just to "fit in".
It's the same case when a state test is given to students to take and the scores wont be directly impacting them. When this happens, the word around school is most likely that you dont have to try and just answer however you feel.
In my case, I hardly ever read the Zephyrus because of the past issues not appealing to me whatsoever. A lot of the stories in this issue and the past seem to be about things that the author finds interesting and wants others to know about. A newspaper should be what it is, "News".
In this issue, I felt like people are getting more and more uninterested and more frustrated with what is being published. On Friday, in every class after the paper was distributed, I could constantly hear people complaining about the issue and those in the past.
If the Zephyrus wants more readers, the publishers and authors should ask themselves what they think is news, maybe more interesting topics will appear, I guess we'll see.

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Mr. Hatten said...

I really thought your comments about the issues with Zephyrus and their readers were insightful. I also think your assessment of the newspaper taken as a whole was done from the standpoint of the basics we've discussed in class. I wish you would have included more specifics and examples from individual stories, however.